To keep its doors open, the theatre’s annual operational costs are approximately $60,000. To assist in offsetting these costs, the Guild attempts to present at least six productions throughout its theatre season, which runs from September to May. Additionally, the Guild encourages membership at an annual fee of $30.00 for adults and $20.00 for students. By paying this membership fee, you become eligible to participate in productions put on by the Guild, and you receive two free drink tickets to be used at any Freeport Players’ Guild performance.

The following is a full list of our membership options:

  • Student – $20.00

  • Single – $30.00

  • Couple – $55.00

  • Family (not exceeding 6 members) – $75.00

  • Lifetime Member – $600.00

  • Lifetime Patron – $1,000.00

Please apply using the membership application below.

Membership Application

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Betty McConville Award
FPG Most Valuable Member

Betty McConville

Betty McConville

1974: Bert Sinden
1975: Barbara Bunting
1976: Pat Myers
1977: Diana Sewell
1978: Peter Aston
1979: Bert Sinden
1980: Jacky Parati
1981: Mary Marsh
1982: Jane Stratford
1983: Christine Child & Peter Aston
1984: Jack Hayward
1985: Norma Sheeran
1987: Jane Stratford
1988: Andrea Gottlieb
1989: Kay Saunders
1990: W. Eric Smith
1991: Alan Rushton
1992: Jennifer Taylor
1993: Philip Kitchen
1994: Alan Rushton

1995: Ivy Elden
1996: Leona Roache
1997: Will Edwards
1998: Mick Hook
1999: Milton Grant
2000: Traci Premo
2001: Fiona Rushton
2002: Gloria Turner McGlone
2003: Joan Hardy
2004: Sherry Clutter
2005/6: Ivy Elden
2007: Vilma Dann
2008: Bill Nelson
2009: Luckner Timothee
2010: Paula Fingland
2011: Annie Roberts
2012: Christopher Russell
2013: Alfred Anderson Lewis
2014: Sarah Stretton
2015: Colleen Lewis
2016: Olivia Dorsett